Monday, October 24, 2011

Where Have I Been??

More like where has the time gone??

I haven't even weighed myself the last few days, I know I'm up a few lbs and hovering at 140 lbs..up a couple lbs from a couple weeks ago. Darn.

Here's another confession. I have had a hard time finding the motivation to eat right and exercise. I've not totally gone back to my "old ways", but I've been in "maintain mode" pretty bad lately...and since I'm not at my goal weight, I've got to stop! It's not just about my goal weight either, I've had people ask if I've found I'm comfortable at my weight now and honestly, I'm not completely. I am more comfortable than I was at 183 lbs, but I know this isn't where I want to be..I'm not uncomfortable, really, I just know this isn't my ideal weight yet,,. or size. Let me remind you, I'm barely 5'3" and a size 10 now. I feel I could still down a size or two.

So, enough rambling! What am I going to do to correct my slacking?
I'm going to start running again. I've only run a few times in the last month. I know when I eat bad, I have crappy, just re-read that and that came out waaaaaayyyy wrong.. :) lol. You know what I mean, though. If I eat bad and go running, I can feel it. I'm more sluggish and get winded easier. If I am regularly running, I am more motivated to eat well...which gives me more energy to do my other workouts too, like my strength training. So new goal. I'm going to run 100 miles by the end of the year. I'm going to try to find a ticker for running and put it on the side of my blog, so if you don't see it steadily ticking along, give me a nudge.