Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time for an update?

Hello? Anyone still there? I haven't posted in so long, I'm not sure I still have any followers, but with the start of a new Win, Lose, or Blog season and approaching due date, I thought it's about time I start blogging again.
I was looking back at pictures throughout my pregnancy, here's one I took right after I found out we were expecting for a starting point...
And this is what I am looking like these days...

That's actually a couple weeks old, and I know I've grown. I wanted to cry looking at my "beginning" picture compared to now, but in less than 6 weeks, I'll be holding my baby girl and it will all be worth it. 6 weeks after that and I'll be back in the game losing the baby weight and what I had left to lose before I got pregnant.
I had big plans to workout throughout this whole pregnancy, and I have to admit, I haven't. I am one of those blessed with morning sickness the whole pregnancy. This one has gotten better later in the pregnancy (I was still throwing up 5 times a day at this point with my first two), but to be honest, now when I am feeling well enough to workout, I don't have the energy or just plain don't want to! Since I didn't start off working out, the only thing I do occasionally is go on walks. As it gets cooler and I'm more ready to have this baby, I'm sure I'll be walking more :)
I was very overweight with my first two pregnancies and sick all the time, so I only gained 17 lbs with the first one and 20 lbs with the second one. Starting at a healthy weight this time, my doctor told me to aim between a 30-40 lb weight gain. I was hoping to stay toward the 30 lb range, but I'm up to 33 lbs gained so far with 6 weeks left to grow/gain :/
On the bright side: I am drinking TONS of water and still have my ankles. Yay!
I'm anxious to have this little girl and to get back into a workout routine.
I miss exercising, especially running. I craaaave running some nights now, and hope that sleepless nights ahead doesn't change that :)
SO for those that still read this little neglected blog, thank you! I'm sure I'll be writing more when I get back into the fitness/weight loss routine.