Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's the time again!

We are now accepting applications (here) for Season seven contestents on Win, Lose, or Blog! Last season our 8 contestants lost 90.8 pounds in 7 weeks! Win, Lose, or Blog is a Big Loser inspired weight loss challenge for the blogging world. Health & Fitness are my passions in life and I hope this competition will inspire others to lead healthier lifes too! I have been working with four fabulous ladies to create this fun and exciting new blog.

What does Win, Lose, or Blog have to offer you?
Want to be a contestant? Apply here.

Each season of the challenge (lasting 7 weeks) we will choose eight contestants. This is your chance to win some MAJOR prizes! The "big loser" (based on percentage of body weight lost) will win one big AWESOME prize. Second and third place contestants will also win some great prizes. And everyone else will get something just for participating.

Want to Play along?
Want to lose weight right along with our contestants? Post your weekly loss each week on our Tuesday Update post and you're in the running for some fantastic prizes! Last season TWO of our mini-contestants won fabulous prizes and lost a TON of weight in the process.

Just want to follow along?
We have multiple health and fitness gurus on our team who are going to be posting information, recipes, tips, inspiration and more. So come follow and get a little help living a healthier lifestyle. Also, at the end of each season followers will win awesome prizes just for leaving comments throughout the season. And you know it will be fun to watch the competition play out and cheer on the contestants :)

Go check it out!!! And spread the word!
Remember each comment you leave all season long counts as an entry for great prizes! Want to get a head start on those comments? Head on over to Win, Lose, or Blog, grab our button, and leave three comments for displaying our button on your blog and five comments for writing an exciting post announcing us to your blog friends. We want you to invite others to join the the fun and gain some motivation to live a healthier lifestyle.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still Alive...

Sorry I have been MIA. The last two months have been a little crazy between the holidays, the constant sickies in our home and my daughter's 4th birthday party. I kept thinking, I need to update, but no one reads this little blog, but since I had a reader request an update (thank you! :) ) I will update. I am hovering around the mid-30s and not any closer to my goal of 125. I had hit my 50 lb loss mark, but I've put a few of those pounds back on. I'm working to get those off right now. I have given up ALL diet and caffeinated sodas/drinks as a new years resolution. I'm on day 3 of surviving. (I started my goal a couple days late, I wanted to get through the actual holiday/weekend). I can't drink water always, although that's all I have been drinking for the last 3 days, so I plan to treat myself to a sobe lifewater every now and has 0 cals and is sweetened with stevia. I'm already noticing a big difference from not drinking soda/artificial sweeteners. Right now I am trying to focus more on eating right and getting back into a workout routine than stressing over the actual number on the scale. I'll get there though...