Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still Alive...

Sorry I have been MIA. The last two months have been a little crazy between the holidays, the constant sickies in our home and my daughter's 4th birthday party. I kept thinking, I need to update, but no one reads this little blog, but since I had a reader request an update (thank you! :) ) I will update. I am hovering around the mid-30s and not any closer to my goal of 125. I had hit my 50 lb loss mark, but I've put a few of those pounds back on. I'm working to get those off right now. I have given up ALL diet and caffeinated sodas/drinks as a new years resolution. I'm on day 3 of surviving. (I started my goal a couple days late, I wanted to get through the actual holiday/weekend). I can't drink water always, although that's all I have been drinking for the last 3 days, so I plan to treat myself to a sobe lifewater every now and has 0 cals and is sweetened with stevia. I'm already noticing a big difference from not drinking soda/artificial sweeteners. Right now I am trying to focus more on eating right and getting back into a workout routine than stressing over the actual number on the scale. I'll get there though...


  1. I kicked the diet soda again this week too. Shockingly I haven't had a single headache! I'm just stunned. I've had successful stretches of time in the past where I haven't had diet soda but it always comes at the expense of about a week full of headaches (or longer, usually due to the artificial sweetener I think). I did have a complete physical crash last night though as a result of getting all the caffeine out of my system I think LOL. I was ready to sleep by about 8:30 I think hehehe. I drink a very occasional Sobe Lifewater too after reading that article on artificial sweeteners on WLB :)

    I think you're handling getting back into the groove of things perfectly! Less stress on numbers, more focus on habits and actions! Cheering you on!

  2. Thanks for the update!! Glad you're doing well!!