Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First 5K!

Has it really been almost a whole week since I've posted on here? Time flies!
I haven't been just sitting around since my last post.
Saturday I did my first 5K!

Registration was at 6:30 in the morning! My girls ended up waking up at 4 am and hubby got them right back to sleep but I couldn't go back to sleep. I was like an anxious kid on Christmas morning. I finally rolled out of bed just before 6, got ready and headed out.

I didn't want to eat much before the run, so I ate a cliff bar on the way. It was just the right amount of food and fueled me up for the run.
So good!

Oh look, here is me post first 5K...no make up, sweaty pits and all...
ew :)

So how did I do? Not as bad as I thought for my first time since I just started running a couple months ago, but I have plenty of room to improve. I came in at 38:52. I honestly thought I would be closer to 42 minutes.

How did it feel? Great! It was such a great feeling finishing something I never thought I'd want to. I'm already looking forward to doing another one.

I have a small confession, and maybe even a cheesy one, but I got a little choked up on the drive home.
It was one of those moments where I gave myself a little pat on the back, which we all deserve to do every now and then. On the drive home, it hit me that I've lost 33 lbs and had just completed my first 5k, without feeling like I was going to die. It felt great. I ran the first 17 minutes of that 5k without stopping to walk. A couple months ago I could hardly run a minute before stopping to catch my breath. 5 years ago, or even last year, I never thought I could come this far after just a few months of trying...and definitely had no desire to ever even run. I also realized that the weight on my license is no longer a lie :)

I'll be back tomorrow with this week's weigh in, despite the run and a few good workouts that I got in, I'm already nervous that I'm not going to be happy with that darn scale that doesn't want to budge much!


  1. I'm getting choked up for you!! That's awesome! I know exactly how you feel too. Last spring I did the Couch 2 5K program and started off really struggling to run 2 minutes without stopping. I ran my 5k on Mother's Day and couldn't even believe that I came in at 37 minutes!!! My goal was to be under 40 and I was just thrilled! Running is something that's really hard for me and doesn't come naturally. To pick something that was hard as a goal and to actually achieve it was SO empowering!! I did cry on the way home! Good for you! You should be very, very proud of yourself!

  2. way to go! you look awesome!!! it's an emotional thing to reach a goal you've worked so hard for. i know i've cried plenty of times after reaching new distances i never thought i would. congrats!