Friday, July 1, 2011

{June Boom Recap}

I wish I could say that "aced" the June Boom, but I didn't workout every day like planned.
BUT, the point of the June Boom was to get me moving more, which I did.

I started the June Boom challenge on the 2nd, so there was no workout on the 1st. I had one day where I was seriously too busy to workout, I'm talking I was on the go from 6am to 11pm, only stopping to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, sure I could have got up a half hour earlier, but I did enough cleaning, organizing, chasing kids, and everything in between that it was definitely an "active" day I just forgot until it was late at night and was tired. I ended out the month with 4 days of being sick..and I'm started July being sick too. Will this darn sickness end? I've gone from throat/head/chest cold sick to tummy sick. Bleh.

I sooo want to workout, but my body keeps saying otherwise.
Over all I am happy with how June went. Not so happy with my weight loss for the month, but that just means there's room for improvement in July.
I know I really need to work on drinking more water, so that will be my number one goal for July.

I didn't even lose a full 5 lbs this month, I know I could have done better than that. I'm hoping to lose 10 lbs in July, but with a family reunion at the end of the month, which involves 24 hours in the car, this could be tricky business.

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  1. Amy, great job. Looks like you really got after it in June. I'm so proud of you. Keep up the great work this summer!