Friday, August 12, 2011

Keep this up and I just might keep ya...

I just might keep my scale if it keeps being this nice to me, as opposed to chucking it out the window like I want to some days!

These last two days since I weighed in on Wednesday have been great and my scale has been nicer to me than it has been in weeks. I'm *hoping* I am getting past this plateau it seems I've reached. I am .6 lbs away from a happy number. I've set a mini goal for next weigh in and I'm so close, I won't post it now because as of late, every time I post my goal, I don't reach it. Do I sound superstitious or what??

We are going up to the canyon tonight to possibly camp and make dutch oven pizza and s'mores. I've pre-figured what I can eat to stay in my calories and I better stick to it. If I can make it through the weekend then I should be home free making my "mini" goal next Wednesday! Maybe even more!

Good luck to all you other losers...weight losers that is :) May the weekend not be too tempting for you! I know that's always where my weaknesses always surface!

Happy Friday!

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