Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{weekly weigh in} I Could Cry!

Happy Tears!

OK, I'm not really going to cry, but I am thrilled with what I saw on the scale this morning!!


Can I get a Woo Hoo!! I lost 3 lbs exactly this week. My goal was to get to at least 145 but I really wanted to lose 3 lbs and I did it! I'm finally under 145 and I'm not looking back, it's a number I hope to never see again unless I'm very pregnant. This puts me at 38.2 lbs gone, with less than 20 lbs to lose!

I gained a little again over the weekend...I ate really good as far as calories go, but it's the sodium and carbs that did it again. I was at 145.6 on Friday and came home to 146. I guess that just might be life for me.

This last week I really limited the processed snacks I had been eating daily (i.e. all those yummy 90-100 calories snacks) and I upped the veggies and exercise. I did allow myself some treats, I ate frozen yogurt twice this last week, but I measured out my serving each time and stuck to it, no seconds! and really frozen yogurt doesn't have a ton of calories compared to ice cream. I even ate a s'more when we were camping Friday and survived. :) Everything in moderation.

I'm realizing it's about time I take a new picture since I haven't posted one since I was at 23 lbs gone. I'll work on that this week!


  1. AWESOME! Way to have a TON of will power! I bet you're still on a natural high from this! Congrats!

  2. That's fantastic! I wish I had just an ounce of your will power and determination! You completely rock!

  3. Good for you Amy I think it is time for another picture with your new goal made... Dad

  4. you are awesome!!!!! what an inspiration!