Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This is taking!

I did really good last week, then saturday we had a yard sale/bake sale which left me with leftover brownies...not good, the brownies were good, but having them around was no bueno... and then we went to Winger's for dinner. I don't know how many calories my meal was, but I'm positive it put me way over my calorie limit for the day. It's frustrating that it seems if I allow myself one splurge meal it sets me way back. AND I am pretty sure I'm dealing with an ovarian cyst right now which tends to make me bloated and gain weight. I was happy the scale showed a loss this week, even though it was a small one. At this point, I know I won't be reaching my goal by my birthday, but I'm trudging along and hope to get as close as possible.

Today I weighed in...


Boo. My goal was to get under 140 by the end of the month, I have 3 weeks to do that.

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  1. a loss is a loss- great job :)

    I hate (love) leftover goodies.....