Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5K- 9/24!

Saturday I ran my second 5K. I met both my goals! My first one was to beat my first 5K's time (38 min 52 seconds) and my second goal was to run the whole time!

I ran the 5K with my friend Tina again and we both finished at the exact same time this time, 36 min 30 seconds.

My hubby was there to snap a couple pictures of me coming around the corner to the finish line...

She's hiding beside me in this picture, she's just so skinny you can't see her! :)

Here's us right before the race, she got the post race picture, but it won't let me upload! Pretty much the same picture, but sweaty in the post one. ha :)

I love having a running buddy and highly recommend running with a friend if you can! We don't even talk when we run, we just plug in our earphones and listen to music, but it's nice having someone to encourage and be encouraged by. There's been plenty of nights where one of us hasn't even wanted to run, but the other encourages to go...and there's been several times where one of us has wanted to stop running a mile in, but kept going because the other one was still going.

I know I really need to work on my stride, if I could just stretch those short legs of mine just a little bit more with each step, I'd cover more ground and I'd be faster.

We're already gearing up to do another 5K the end of October and then there's the turkey trot 5k on Thanksgiving we plan to do. My goal is under 36 minutes next time! I hope to improve a little each time!

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  1. it's always nice to have a motivator by your side!