Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A small loss is better than no loss, or a gain..right?

What a crummy weigh in.


Only .2 lb gone. I broke one of my biggest rules last night and ate a snack around 9...a fairly low cal snack, but still, that always shows on the scale the next morning. I know because I was at 142.2 yesterday morning, not much better, but I ate good yesterday and painted all day so I was constantly moving with no time for snacks. I'm sure if I eat good today and get a workout in, which will be hard since I'm coming down with a cold, that I'll be down more on the scale tomorrow.

I'm not going to beat myself up over it today. The number on the scale is still going in the right direction...I'm just sooo looking forward to the 130s..another milestone for me. A weight I haven't been since elementary school. Sad to say, but true.

My goal for this week...drink lots of water, not stuff my face with carbs and keep moving as much as possible. I'm hoping this cold doesn't last too long. It's hard to workout when your nose feels like it's packed with cotton :( Off to down some emergen-c. 


  1. "The number on the scale is still going in the right direction". That's what counts :)That's where the focus has to be. Keep it up! One snack doesn't make or break your success. You've done such an amazing job and will continue to rock it, I know!

    Hope you kick the cold quickly!!

  2. You're getting there, slowly but surely!! I was at 142.4 this weekend, and I too can't WAIT to hit the 130's. I almost can't believe I'm almost there. Thanking God again for WLB for getting me on the way! Won't it be awesome when we hit that magic 130 number?? :)))

  3. I feel your pain! This is just an FYI because everyone's bodies are so different! But for me, I CANNOT lose weight when I exercise. I was exercising for months (5-6 hours a week) and playing around with my calories from 1200-1800 and could not drop a SINGLE POUND! When I stopped exercising and would still eat 1200 the pounds just started falling off (about 2 a week) and now I'm down 28 pounds. The good news is that hopefully when I reach my goal weight, about 13 pounds away, I should be able to eat healthy, and exercise to maintain right? haha!

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