Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{what you eat today is what you wear tomorrow}

A friend on facebook posted "what you eat today is what you wear tomorrow"..I've heard this before, but boy is it true!

Yesterday I was wearing lasagna, french bread and accessorized in many kinds of treats. I went over to a friends house Sunday for a luncheon and there was lasagna and treats galore. The lasagna was delish, but I'm not sure it was of the "light" variety. I should have skipped the french bread and avoided the dessert table altogether, but I didn't. Darn me!

I keep kicking myself for how I eat on the weekends. I do pretty good on the week, but totally blow it in one meal..or two, or 4...I feel like I'm constantly doing 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I just need to reach my darn goal weight, because I really feel like things will be less stressful then. If I yo-yo a little from week to weekend for the rest of my life, I think that will be normal, but right now I feel like I'm leaning more toward maintain mode than losing mode and I need to stop that! I hope that makes sense. I'm not saying that once I reach my goal weight I will be able to eat whatever I want, but if I do good during the week, I will be able to "afford" splurging on the weekends, whereas right now it's keeping me at a "maintain" rate.

This Saturday I'm running a 5K in the morning and that afternoon we are going to a brazilian restaurant to celebrate a friends birthday and mine a little early. I'm hoping to not overdo it too much at the restaurant and do good the rest of the weekend so that when I hop on the scale next Thursday (my birthday), I can still see a decent number on the scale.

My "weight loss journey" doesn't end next Thursday, that's for sure! I might take a few days to indulge a little around my birthday, but then it's right back to getting these last 15 or so lbs gone. I'd love to get there before the holidays hit and since there's about 15 weeks left before Christmas, I shouldn't have any reason not to get to my goal weight before then.

Enough rambling..wish me luck!

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