Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Mom's Into Fitness and Lindsay Brin is one of Win, Lose, or Blog's Season 5 sponors. I'm in the middle of reviewing her 60 Day Slim Down System {more on that later} and I have liked her facebook page to keep up on the awesome deals and tips she shares. I love reading her fitness tips!

Today Lindsay Brin said:

"Should you do abs everyday? Nope! But you can do abs before and after your workout, plus switch up the routine. Challenge yourself. But only do abs every other day...otherwise you could build those muscles out instead of pulling them in!"

Totally makes sense, but I know many people (including me) who think if you want a slimmer waist, the best way to reach that is do 100s of crunches every day.

For fitness tips and deals on Lindsay Brin's fitness DVDs, head over to facebook and like her page.

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  1. Hi! Come across your blog through Bailey's and just wanted to say a big congrats for your weight loss! Your progress pics are great! :)