Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 Steps Back, 5 Steps Forward...

Or rather two days back, five days forward...

I typed up a post, not meaning to whine, but just stating how I was completely mind boggled that I did worse on the scale this week than last week even though I worked my butt off this week. Several days I managed to burn more calories from exercise alone than what I ate that day. My week was full of long walks (pulling a wagon or pushing a double stroller), gardening, jumping on the trampoline, and working out (500 calorie burn dvd, stability ball, crunches, push ups, the list goes on)...and plenty of low fat, low cal meals. I worked it this week...most of it...except for Sunday and Monday. Oh, Mother's Day, you are a blessing and a curse. We went up to my husband's parents house for Mother's Day and came back Monday. Remember all those sour patch kids, ice cream and cheesy potatoes I mentioned? Yeah, I kind of forgot about those for a moment today. My weeks easily blur one with the next, and by the end of the week, it's easy to forget what happened at the beginning of the week, so it wasn't until I actually went back and reviewed this week's calories that I realized those two self-sabotaged days were this week.

So yes, I worked my butt off Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I totally rocked those days, which was probably a good thing to help offset Sunday and Monday...those two days were bad, very bad. I guess it's part of life. It's not like I will never have a "splurge day" again. Makes me wonder though what I would have seen on the scale this morning if it wasn't for those two days. Either way, I'm still happy with what I saw on the scale this morning. It's been a long time since I've seen that number, but it better not plan to stick around too long.

On a side note, my husband's work party ended up being at Texas Roadhouse, not an Italian place. Score. I ordered a 6 oz sirloin, side salad with no cheese, egg, or croutons with light dressing and a side of veggies with no butter...AND I didn't touch a single one of those made from Heaven rolls with cinnamon butter. The lady next to me asked if I had a food intolerance since I asked for so many adjustments on my meals. Nope, just trying to eat better. I ate the salad and veggies first and was getting full so I only ate about half of the steak...I left stuffed, but not feeling gross or bloated. I felt a little guilty being so picky with my order, but it was worth it. Still was tasty and satisfying and I cut out a lot of calories.

So how much did I lose this week?
Can't say :)
Be sure to check Win, Lose, or Blog on tuesday after this week's results are posted!

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  1. GO AMY! GO AMY! Not bad. Actually, MUCH better than I'm doin'!