Friday, May 6, 2011

Ball Cobra...aka killer tummy ache...

I got the Gold's Gym stayball for Christmas and it came with a 30 minute workout DVD.

I do this at least a few times a week, sometimes in addition to other workouts, or on nights that I haven't had time to exercise and I need something a little more quiet to do than my other aerobics dvd. It's not super intense, but it helps tone and build core muscles...I'll take/need plenty of that!

I've pretty much got the routine memorized and could probably do it without the video.
There is one move that I cannot do though.

I've tried.

and tried.

and tried.

And every time it hurts.

Maybe I am doing it wrong?
I've tried to position myself higher and lower on the ball, but the pressure always hurts my stomach and lower abdomen.
My stomach hasn't been the same since I had a c-section, so maybe that's to blame? It's been almost 15 months but my lower abdomen is still temperamental sometimes.
I don't know, but it's so frustrating that I can't do this one move without hurting and feeling like I'm going to hurl.

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