Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello?? (tap tap) Is this thing on??

I think I keep going through denial that I've lost weight.
How silly is that?

I know the clothes I've been wearing are loose, but when I think about a smaller size, I think, oh, that won't fit.


We went to a wedding over the weekend and the girls were asked to wear black skirts with red or white shirts. I'd been having a heck of a time finding something I liked, but sister-in-law said she had picked up an extra shirt at Kohls I could wear. Here's the thing though, it was a medium. Medium?? I don't wear a medium...I've been wearing extra-large or way could I fit in a medium. She insisted it would fit, but I was scared to try it on.

And guess what...

It fit. Me in a medium? Woo-hoo!
I pulled out a few other medium shirts that I had bought clearanced for when I lost weight, and wouldn't you know, they fit!

I've been walking around with loose pants and I'm scared to see if I can fit into the next smaller size, but who knows I might be pleasantly surprised.


It's silly that even though I know I'm losing weight, and I can feel I'm getting smaller, I have a hard time believing that those smaller sizes are starting to fit. Kind of exciting that they do.

Now, let's work on those size "small" shirts!


  1. LOVE the outfit- super cute and a medium! woot....I still grab too large sizes to try on sometimes. Its funny how we view ourselves. But the size tag dont lie!!!!

  2. yay, first follower over here :-) I'm so glad to continue this journey with you. LOVE the blog name!

  3. You did great losing 23 lbs. Sometimes the percentage thing is backwards. But everyone did so great. Especially you! 23 lbs is AWESOME!! That was my goal during the season but didn't get that far. Soon though...very soon. :)

  4. Amy, you're in! Glad you want to do the challenge. Have a great month!