Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spin Baby Spin!

Last night I went with a friend to spin class for the first time!

I loved it! Only bummer (no pun intended) is that my bum hurts today! Those seats kill! I wish I knew exactly how many calories I burned, but I know it was a lot. I worked it for that hour and felt so good afterwards.

I've spaced weighing myself just about every morning this week, so I'm not sure where I'm at, but I'm hoping for good numbers this week. I've done great on calories and exercise, hopefully it pays off. We are going out of town for a wedding this weekend so I'll be weighing in early tomorrow...I'm a little nervous about losing a couple days in the last week of the competition, but oh well, come Sunday, I'll weigh what I weigh whether this week's blog weigh in reflects that number or not, so I just have to finish this week strong for myself!

1 comment:

  1. Jealousy! I used to LOVE spin classes! I bet you burned everything you ate yesterday plus some in that hour! :) You are doing awesome!!! Good luck with your numbers this week-it's been fun keeping up with your progress!