Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 4

I just submitted my week 4 weight loss and I'm pretty happy with the number. Not ecstatic, but satisfied. I'm losing at a steady rate, which is good. I've been afraid of hitting a plateau and I'm glad it hasn't happened. I probably could have had a bigger weight loss this week, but I keep having to remind myself that more than "dieting", I am living. There are days where I just can't seem to fit in a workout as long as I want and there are times that I do say yes to that little piece of chocolate calling my, actually, yesterday I said yes to a few peeps, a few pieces of chocolate, and McDonald's for lunch... It's part of life sometimes. I'm not suffering and straining myself to lose weight, I'm not "fad dieting"... I'm eating better and exercising, so I just have to let the weight come off at the rate that my body wants it to, and so far I'm happy with that rate. I'm just ounces away from having lost 15 lbs since the challenge started, and I'm 1 lb away from being 20 lbs lighter since January.

I'm just barely at the lowest weight in almost 3 years and it feels good.

Keep an eye out at the Win, Lose, or Blog homepage for Week 4 results.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I'm happy for you! Good job!!

    My weight loss is sooo slow, but it continues, so I can't complain. Not too loudly anyway ;)

  2. Good job! You're doing fantastic! I have completely hit a plateau and I'm frustrated as heck! You're doing fantastic, though!

  3. ya girl you are rocking it!!!!!!!! Cant agree more- its a lifestyle not a diet. Diets end and often backfire (at least for me LOL).

  4. You are doing awesome and we are taking the same route-eat better move more approach and check us out! First and second place baby! :)