Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fast Food...Oh, How I Love You!

We are almost done with week one of Win, Lose, or Blog...actually, it has been a full week since we started on April 1st, but our weigh-ins will be on Sundays. Anyway, I am feeling great! I put on my jeans straight out of the dryer and they fit great. Are you thinking, shouldn't they be getting lose? To be honest, after our week long vacation of eating cupcakes, pizza, hamburgers...all that delicious but bad stuff I mentioned in my first post, they were a little snug when I put them on straight out of the wasn't until after a couple hours of wear that they'd loosen up and fit more comfortably. {You know, after you pull them on and pretend to just be doing your morning stretches and lounges so you can button them} Not now, now after a couple of hours they are starting to hang off me. Love it. I can't wait for a couple weeks from now when they hang off me right when I put them on, straight out of the dryer. :)

About the title of this post...I'm a sucker for fast food. Especially on the weekends. When are out and about running around, it's so easy to stop grab a quick bit to eat somewhere and one of my favorites is Carl's Jr.

Love. Love. Love their Guacamole Bacon Burgers...what I don't love is that it packs 1040 calories and 72g of fat. Ouch.

They just came out with a Turkey Guacamole burger and I'm in love.

490 calories and 21g of fat.

Much better alternative to the regular burger. I ate one last night for dinner and it was SO good. It came on a honey wheat bun and oh my...mmm mmm mm. This still isn't something I'd eat every day, but I love having a choice on the menu that I love and can get every once in awhile on the weekends and not feel too guilty about it.

Hope I don't sound like a spokesperson here. :) Anyone who knows me, knows I love burgers. If we go out to dinner, chances are I will order one and I have friends who give me a hard time for getting the same old thing everytime. Loved this burger and had to share for those who are looking for a better fast food burger alternative.

Can't wait to weigh in tomorrow!


  1. That looks delicious! We don't have any Carl Jr.'s around here and it's probably a good thing b/c I'd be all over that! You're too funny that you can't wait for the weigh-in... I'm dreading it!! : )

  2. I love any kind of food, but sadly fast food is just fun sometimes. Both burgers sound divine! I LOVE GUACAMOLE!!!!!

  3. Yes, fast food is my weakness too. I try to find healthy options...but who am I kidding, if I'm eating fast food I want fries. I love any kind of potatoes. That's why I have to stay on top of my meal plan because if my stomach becomes in charge I don't care what I eat.

  4. Fast food is a weakness for me also. I actually figured out this weekend that McDonald's classic grilled chicken sandwich is 360. And I happen to love those. So that's something that can be fit into a food plan now and then too.

  5. YuM! I wish we had a Carl's JR around JUST so I could try that sandwich!

  6. We have a Carls Jr really close to us and DH LOVES it! I saw the commercial for their turkey burger & cant wait to try it. Especially after hearing your review :) yum yum

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