Friday, April 22, 2011


It's Friday! So far I've felt this week has gone well. I've worked out every day and I feel it...I'm talking just putting on mascara hurts.

This weekend makes me nervous though. I started it off today by taking my girls to their little friend's birthday party which meant cake, ice cream and pizza. I *think* I did OK there. I ate a little orange sherbet and one little taste of cake. I was happy to find out when I got home that 1/2 cup of orange sherbet only has around 100 calories and I didn't have my morning snack which is normally around 100-150 calories, so we're good there. I did eat a piece of cheeseless pizza and  part of a breadstick too, thanks to my daughter for picking off all the cheese and pepperoni, she took all the good stuff so I don't think that did much damage. I came home, put down my littlest for a nap, worked out and now I'm sneaking in a quick post. Oh, and we walked to the party around the block and back (I pulled them in the wagon) so that counts for a little extra exercise too :)

I've done good the last few days without soda. I have treated myself to a Sobe Lifewater here and there and it's helped with the soda cravings. Its zero calories, caffeine free, no artificial sweeteners and it's got lots of good vitamins like B12..yes for extra energy!

We are going to Easter events tomorrow and Sunday and its the unknown temptations waiting for me that scare me. Wish me luck and good luck to all the other contestants!

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