Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 3

Woo hoo! Week 3 has come to an end. I have a confession... I was being a total butt to myself this morning. I had my own little pity party. Over four stinkin' ounces. I was so mad at my body, mad that I had worked out so hard and ate so well and didn't lose what I thought I deserved to lose this week.

Then I got dressed and was reminded that I bought a couple new shirts last night, both a size smaller than I have been in a long time...I can't remember the last time I've worn this's two sizes smaller than what I got up to at the end of last year. I also tried on a dress last night 2 sizes smaller than my norm size...maybe the sizing on the dress was off, but hey, seeing that number on a dress that I could fit into without sucking it in felt great.

So I didn't lose what I wanted this week, but I'm losing and that's what matters. I exercised every day, ate within my calories and fat range and I'm getting smaller. Woo hoo :)

Slowly, but surely.

From now on, I'm not going to completely set my heart on seeing a certain number on the scale at the end of each week, I'll *wish* for it, but even with diet and exercise, you can't always control exactly how much you'll lose each week and drowning in my self pity over a few ounces was a silly thing to do. My goals will be things I can definitely control, like working out every day and eating well, or increasing reps or distance in my workouts.

To those celebrating Easter, Happy Easter! To everyone else, have a wonderful Sunday!

PS, I was happy to find out that one peep chick only has 28 calories. :)

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