Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'm going to say it now, I am totally disappointed with this week's number on the scale. I didn't gain, so I can be happy for that, but I was hoping for a bigger weight loss. {I might or might not have tried to go pee about 3 more times after weighing myself hoping I'd magically drop an extra pound...or two from my bladder. In case you didn't guess, it didn't work...not even an extra ounce. Dang!}

There are three things I could have done better this week.

1. Not eaten at Red Robin on Monday. I had a turkey burger with no mayo, which I thought I'd be ok with, but those fries...oh the bottomless fries... you are my enemy. I went online and later realized that my entire meal was probably just under 1000 calories with those fries. Dang! If I had stuck with just the burger, it would have been right around 500, but a side of fries packs a ton of calories, and sodium. Sodium = water weight.

2. Worked out more. I exercised 4 days this week, but not nearly as long as I should have each day. This was my biggest problem this week, nap times were short and I felt sick a couple days. One day I got 15 minutes into my work out DVD and my daughter woke up cranky as could be. I planned to restart it later that night, but of course, that didn't happen.

3. Not eaten out again last night. We worked all afternoon in the garden/backyard and my hubby was craving mexican food. I ordered two chicken soft tacos without all the melted cheese and sauce it normally comes with and thought that with the work I had done yesterday, I'd be ok, but maybe not!

My goal for next week is at least 3 lbs...but I'd love to lose 4.
Yeah..that gives you a hint that I didn't even lose 3 lbs this week, not even close.

I'll be back to fill you in on the official weight loss number for Week 2 once all the numbers are posted over at the head Win, Lose or Blog.


  1. Seriously, what is with the peeing thing not working?? I have tried that SO many times and, you're right, not even an ounce!! Now I know more than an ounce is coming out of my body so how is that not accounted for?? We ate out this weekend too, plus I had a beer last night! I figure it's all just part of living!

  2. It's okay, Amy! I always tell myself plateaus and small losses are allowing for my skin to tighten rather than sag... Wishful thinkin', huh?

  3. eating out is seriously my enemy (well I love the deliciousness of it all but....) ugh- DH has found a fried chicken & waffle house loves- need I say more????

    You did do great this week and your goal for next week is great!!!!

    And I cant believe pee-ing didnt even lose you an ouce- boo!!!