Monday, April 18, 2011


Tonight I smiled while jogging for the first time.

Tonight I paced myself better than usual and decided to jog/run on and off every other minute, walking on the in between minutes. At minute 7, it was running time... after a bit, I glanced at the time, expecting to only be 20 seconds into the 7th minute {20 seconds into running is normally when I growl and say "ugggghhh, I've really only been running 20 seconds? I'm going to die"..yes, I am THAT out of shape}, but when I looked, I realized I had actually been running for almost a minute...and I didn't feel like I was going to die...and then I smiled. I might have done a happy dance right then, but quickly decided that wasn't a wise idea on a running treadmill belt.

I shaved a little off my time tonight and when I was done, I felt great!

On a side note, I did not feel so great when I caught my hubby watching me run on the treadmill.

Sometimes I feel like/worry that I look like this:


  1. HA! I have a son that runs like Phoebe, and it always brings me joy to watch him. It drives The Hubs CrAzY though~LOL!

  2. Oh congrats on the improvement!
    Also, don't worry, I think we all have a little Phoebe in us...