Friday, April 1, 2011


Season Four starts today and I'm thrilled to be a contestant!

I just got done with a week long trip with family, food and fun...and did I mention food?

Cupcakes, apple pie, cookies, banana chocolate chip muffins with streusel topping, ice cream, pizza, Cafe Rio, hamburgers..oh. my. word. The list goes on.

Plus, I've been drinking tons of regular soda this last week.
1 cup of soda =95-115 calories
I drank several cups a day.

I'm going to be totally honest..I kept telling myself "this is my last chance to splurge before I start my diet".
Today is April 1st, the start of Season Four. The start of my diet and healthier life.
We are going out of town again for the weekend.
There's going to be more food, family and fun...and probably more food.

This weekend is going to be a major test for me.
With summer coming up, we are bound to travel a lot, and I can't use the "I'm on a trip..." excuse every time because my weight will be a constant yo-yo.
I can't use that excuse this weekend.
I can still eat and have fun, it just takes portion control.
Ugh, I hate that term "portion control"...but it's a fact of life, at least in a healthy, skinnier life.

Check back with me Monday to see if I could keep things under control this weekend.

Wish me luck!


  1. You can do it! :) Can't wait to hear about!

  2. Good luck, Amy!!! It is kinda funny that y'all are starting on April Fool's Day. LOL!

  3. Hi Amy! I totally hear you on the out of town thing! We've been gone SO many weekends this year and mostly staying at peoples' houses where I'm not in control of the food! And now we're going away again this weekend! ARGH!! But we can do it and I'm so excited to see where we'll be in 7 weeks!! Good luck!

  4. ugh out of town/ on vacation/ have guests in town are such difficult times for me too!!!! You can do it!!!!

  5. You can do it! I was excited to be able to do this while hubby is out of town working for several weeks-he's coming home for a few days on my "starting weekend"-sabotaged already!!!
    We can do it...yes we can!

  6. Amy, I am SO proud of you for doing this, on an open blog non the less! I wish you all the luck! You go girl! So how long does this contest go?

  7. Hey Amy! Good to meet you! I'm one of the contestants too, and I totally did the same thing and ate bunches before the contest started. :)
    Excited to see where this takes us!
    hugs and good luck!