Thursday, April 7, 2011

{This is an embarrassing one...}

So, in keeping things honest here, I have to admit a mistake, a major one. I feel like the biggest dork. Ever. Today when I got on the treadmill, the first thing I noticed was "2.0" under the distance screen...I thought that was odd and then it dawned on me, for some reason, the treadmill doesn't reset the mile distance just when you hit stop a couple times. You have to reset it by unplugging the safety cord and re-plugging it in. *smacks forehead*. Know what that means? I did not run as fast as I thought yesterday, because it was still tracking the mile I had done the day before...which totally makes sense. Dork. dork. dork. I'm not a running rock star..yet...not that I felt like I was one yesterday. Yesterday my sister-in-law had said that my time was great and that I ran faster than her. I thought that couldn't make sense. One thing I don't like about the treadmill, which I can't really complain about because it was free, is that I can't see the display while I'm running, I have to lean way over to see it which makes keeping track of time/speed hard...normally I just push the speed button up until I'm at a speed I can handle and then go as long as I can and then check the distance every now and then... I should have done the math in my head and known I couldn't have been running that fast. I feel like this whole post should be in red to convey the embarrassment I feel right now! that I've admitted what a dork I am {you can stop laughing now}...I still made improvement from the day before, and today I improved some more. I hope to improve a little bit each day {that's what's important right?} and I plan to track my time on the sidebar so I can see the improvement over time.
Since the couch to 5k program is supposed to work you up to being able to do a 5k in 30 minutes, my goal is to average around 9.5 minutes a mile. I've got a ways to go!

Wish me luck...and seriously, stop laughing now. :)


  1. This is one of my favorite posts EVAH!! I love that you're keeping it real! And my favorite part is that you said you're not a running rock star YET!! Keep that attitude!

  2. No embarrassment! You at least worked it on that treadmill, girl!