Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{Confession and Food}

After Win, Lose, or Blog Season 4 ended, I gained a few pounds.
The next two weekends involved trips out of town, not that this is an excuse, but one of them was a 12 hour drive to Arizona over Memorial Day weekend...24 hours in the car over a 3 day weekend brought a lot of fast food and snacking for me...and I got sick and didn't work out one week...excuses, excuses, excuses.

The point is I gained, and I'm kicking myself, because that's weight I have to re-lose.

So here's comes the numbers..I've said I want to get to 125, but how far do I have to go? I've hesitated putting this out there, but I feel like I should.

Today I weighed in a 157.8
At the end of Season 4, I was 155.8.
I have two pounds left to re-lose.
At the start of that competition, I was 178.6...
I lost 23 lbs in 7 weeks...
and gained by a little less than 3 in 2.
In January, I was at 183.

I've made a goal to re-lose those 2 lbs by next Tuesday.
I'm going to start doing weigh in's on Tuesday in attempt to feel more accountable.
I'd be thrilled if I could lose 2.8 by next Tuesday, putting me exactly at 30 lbs from my goal weight.

I've tossed around the idea of posting everything I eat, but I just don't have the time..ok, I could find the time, but don't want to...but I have had people still asking me what I'm eating and doing to lose weight, so every now and then, I'll post what I've eaten for the day to give you an idea. Sorry, no pictures this time...


3/4 c chocolate cheerios*
1/2 c skim milk
3/4 medium banana
(my 15 month old always steals some banana)

224 calories

*I feel rebellious eating chocolate for breakfast...mmm...


2 cups lettuce
3 oz steak
1/2 roma tomato
chopped carrots and red onion
20 sprays of Ranch Wishbone Spritzer

171 calories

Afternoon Snack(s)
(since lunch was so light, I had a bigger "snack")

Strawberry Banana Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt
10 raw almonds

Special K 90 calorie strawberry bar

221 calories


2 oz Whole Wheat Spaghetti
1/2 cup spaghetti sauce with ground turkey
small salad with ranch spritz
1 oz slice of french bread

390 calories

Evening Munchies

6 animal crackers

45 calories

Total Calories:1051

Total calories burned from exercise: 473

Net calories for today: 578

Today wasn't a perfect day. Calories were good, but my lunch was a little lighter than it should have been (unintentionally), even though it seemed to fill me up at the moment, it didn't hold me over very long..which lead to two afternoon snacks. I ate lunch just before noon, had a snack at 2, and then again around 4 and ate dinner at 6...I felt snacky all afternoon... I still kept in my calorie range, but it's the want to snack because I didn't fill up at a meal that I worry about. I definitely don't want to develop the habit of "snacking" again.


  1. You're doing really well sticking to under 1200 cals. I can't do it. It's not enough food for me. I just need to start upping my exercise more so my net cals is lower. Keep it up!! :)

  2. mmmm chocolate for breakfast! Ok mmmm chocolate anytime...travelling is a tough time for the diet