Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Shout Out and What I Ate Today}

My good friend Laura had a baby a couple months ago and just started a weight loss blog to track her weight loss journey. Our 25th birthdays happen to be just two days apart and we have the same goal of 125 lbs by our 25th birthdays. She even posted her starting weight, which also happens to be the exact same as I weighed this morning. Quit copying me Laura :) Just kidding, I'm excited to have another friend with the same goal as me.

I have a few other friends working towards a healthier, thinner life, including my sister and it's great to have so many around me with the same goal and support for me, and I love being able to support and encourage them too! You can see a growing list of other "weight loss" bloggers on my left side bar.

So... what did I eat today?


1 piece of Sara Lee 100% whole wheat toast with spray butter
1/2 grapefruit with 1 packet of splenda
1 hard boiled egg

181 calories


McDonald's Asian Grilled Chicken Salad w/o almonds
w/ packet of Sesame Ginger Dressing
(This was divine!! I absolutely loved it)

390 calories

Afternoon Snack

Special K Strawberry 90 cal bar

90 calories


Leftover whole wheat spaghetti with turkey spaghetti sauce
2 cups salad
10 sprays Wishbone Ranch Spritzer

363 calories

Total Calories: 1024

Calories Burned: 320
Net Calories: 704 

I predict a cup or two of light butter popcorn with a book in the near future, which will add 30-60 calories and put me right at my calories intake limit for the day. What is it about books and movies making me crave popcorn?

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  1. I have had a little bit of a difficult time breaking the "munch while read" habit, because I can do it for hours, and then I've munched way too much! (and probably stayed up too late in the process) Good job measuring out the popcorn! How fun that you have friends joining. Two of my friends at work have started doing the 30 Day Shred workout, so it's fun to compare notes, and our mutual hatred of Jillian :-)