Saturday, June 11, 2011


What an active day!

I got up and headed to the track this morning. I was supposed to go to spin class with a friend, but something came up so that was cancelled. I Ran/Walked a bit and then ran the stadium steps twice.
Then I spent the afternoon gardening. You can burn some pretty good calories from weeding/gardening.
Then tonight, my friend asked if I wanted to walk since we didn't do spin, so we did 2 miles... we ran a bit, walked a bit... and then ran the stadium steps 3 times. We timed it and I ended up doing it in about 7 minutes 20 seconds total.

I'm low again on calories...I could have "afforded" to eat more calories at dinner, but I got full so I didn't finish the last slice of pizza like I planned to.


1 piece toast- Sara Lee 100% whole wheat
1/2 grapefruit
1 scrambled egg

181 calories

Morning Snack

12 special k multigrain crackers
1 laughing cow cheese wedge
1/2 c grapes

145 calories


Orowheat sandwich thin with turkey, ranch spray, lettuce
1/2 string cheese
1/2 cup cantaloupe and honey dew melon

211 calories


3 slices of homemade pizza
(I cut the slice thin, making 16 slices, so it would be the equivelent of 1.5 slices)

276 calories

Evening Snack

Special K 90 calorie bar
1/4 grapes
32 oz minute maid light

135 calories

Total Calorie Intake: 948

Total Calories Burned: 1336
Net Calories: -480

I burned way more than I ate today and I never thought this would happen, but some days I'm having a hard time eating all my calories. I eat plenty throughout the day, but when I eat at home, they are all very light meals, with lots of protein and fiber. As it is, livestrong suggest I eat 1078 calories a day. I have an extra 130 calories I could eat today and there is that slice of pizza I didn't eat at dinner calling my name in the fridge, but I know I'm not hungry. It just sounds good right now. I've had energy all day so I don't know that I need to worry about getting in all those calories that it says I'm allowed, but gosh, sometimes 950 calories sounds like nothing, especially since I used to down that in one meal without any thought. I think I'm going to try upping my breakfast calories. The toast with egg and grapefruit is one of my favorite breakfasts, it fills me up, but it doesn't have a ton of calories, I might have to put a little pb on the toast next time. And man, am I rambling today or what?

Do you ever get frustrated with the calorie game?
Worrying about whether you are eating too little or too much?
I definitely do...


  1. I hate counting calories and constantly thinking about food. Makes me want food even more! It is all very frustrating. :(

  2. Argh, I had only 715 calories today. There's no way I'm gonna sit and eat more just to up my calories now! It *is* frustrating, both ways! I think I'll concentrate on protein tomorrow and that will up the calories naturally.