Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Weekly Weigh In}

My scale was being whack this morning, so I'm going to go off what I weighed yesterday morning.


I don't know what was up with my scale today, it kept giving me different numbers, I stepped off and it still said 2.8 even though I wasn't on it...and then I stepped on and it said 157 (say what?!?)..so I really don't know what's up. I might change the battery and see if that helps. A few days ago I was at 155.4 so I think (and hope) 155.2 is right...and yes, I weigh myself several times a week, but really try to focus on the weekly *tuesday* number. I don't have the control to only weigh myself once a week, I want to know every few days if not every morning. Anyone else with me?


  1. I found that my scale was off when the battery was low. Maybe that was your challenge today.

    BTW: I just found the new WW strawberry frozen treats-only about 60 cal and really yummy. Stay strong! michele

  2. My scale does that all the time, it's very frustrating! I have to weigh myself several times and then take the one that came up the most.

  3. It has become very clear to me that I need to break the habit of weighing myself every day. I just started doing that a few weeks ago because I thought it would "interesting" to chart it on my fitbit account and look at the graph. Instead it has just been maddening to see the ups and downs, and I need to just stop.