Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Here We Go Again...

I still haven't replaced the battery on my scale. I'll get to the store and remember I need a new battery, but it takes one of those little round batteries, not just like a AAA or something easy to remember, so I never know what kind to buy when I get there. I need to bring it with me next time.

Saturday morning it said 149
Sunday morning it said 152.4
This morning it said 153.2

I really doubt my weight is fluctuating that much, but who knows. I just need to replace the battery, because I can weigh myself 5 times in a few minutes and it will give me a 5 lb range between each time I step on.

This morning I weighed myself twice and it said 153.2 both times so I guess I'll go with that.

Again, 1 lb down from last week. This isn't going to do if I want to reach my goal. I'm hoping the scale is just off and changing the battery will help...I've had the scale almost 2 years I think and have never changed the battery and me and my hubby use it often so we'll see what happens when I change the battery. I'm a tad nervous that it will actually go up after I change it.

On a happy note, I've now lost 3 pant sizes since January. The scale can't lie on that.
Woo hoo.

On a not so happy note, I'm sick and didn't work out yesterday and I doubt I'll be up to it today.

My head kills. My throat kills. I'm soo tired and my body aches.
I just want to sleep, but I won't be getting many zzz's in today with 2 kiddos running around.

Goals for this week:

Workout as soon as I feel better
Change scale battery asap
Lose 2 lbs
Drink more water!!


  1. My scale does the same thing and I've only had it since the WLB challenge. I always felt it acted wonky.

    I just purchased this one on Amazon. I hear it's great.

    Hopefully this will give me a more consistent number, and shows loss better. I am also sick of having 5 different numbers in less than a minute.

  2. That is terrific that you lost three pant sizes since January. Maybe the scale is not registering the downward numbers, but you definitely have downsized! Have a great weekend! Michele